Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Just Wonder

A times i wonder, Why
I walk lonely on beach white sand
As the ocean waters row
Warmth of others wash up my legs
Each tide warmer than previous

i want to keep a lil scoop
Just a drop of that tide
With all the sincerity in my intentions
I seem to forget
The scoop seeps thro my hands
Back to their tide

Am left wet in my hands
Tears drench my chin
And i walk on
Hands in the pocket
Head heavy in WHYs
Until the next tide
The warmth of another couple
Washes by my feet

Monday, October 22, 2012

Minutes To Dawn

Sleep eludes my eyes
Thoughts flood my mind
Who let loose the questions
Yet hid the key to the silo of answers
This will get out of hand
It will be a past heart.

The chiming bell
The tick-tock of the cell
The count of each second
The dawn is so far
The birds are too silent
The night is too long

Did i just hear that
The claws of a cat
Harshly run across the ceiling
Then the rat is unwilling
What if it was...
No way...
Could they have been watching

Whose eyes are those
Twinkling and winking
Are they watery or jittery
How many are you
I blink yet i see you
Am sure you aint here

Where are the crickets
That sung me to sleep
The live sounds of the twigs
That sway my mind into dreams
Who silenced you
Who clipped your cords

There is a twitch on my leg
Someone is crawling my chin
Slithering up my duvet
That is not my skin
Nor could it be my nails
I know am not that cold

{..scream in your heart...}
Yer cause i did
I clutch on to my
That sure should never be touched
Its the Light that scares
My night of sins is gone.

All Gone.

Its all gone
This faith i  had is torn
Though once held inside
In my heart it used to reside
Now its drenched
Fringed and now lynched
Oh! Its all gone.

Its life, so i get to hear
Yet its poured just like beer
Of lethal pinching and piercing
Felt way below the rear ceiling
It just wont go away
No matter how much i sway
Now its all gone.

I had hope
Sure as hell and Pope
Yet you crash it
Aint it enough to beat
Then on the ground you trod
Its cool you did prod
Cause now its all gone.

Had seen the future
Even tried to be its leecher
Every word in your mouth
Oh a breath i loathe
Kills the heaven in them
Mauls the life in anthem
That is how its all gone.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

What a murmur

am tempted to destroy yee who finds favour in my dificulties. This be inspired by the loathe of frustrations and any disgust i have for those lacking in words to strengthen but destroy.
This be not seen as threat, be it let to caution yee stand in the path yee whom i beleive created I has drawn for i.

How Wrong Am I

life`s lessons
a run through the mud
do it wrong or right
all see you as mad
that be the price of earthlings

this watermelon world
slimy and melowy
never knows its needs
nor expectations to it
that way we find to leave it

here below the sun
all are slaves, aint you
to self and the toil
this be our correctional facilty
i stand to be corrected

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the world aint round anymore
the earth aint revolving anymore
we are all stuck
in a pile or stack

the world paused
the bourgeois poised
skin burning in coast
 poor are toast

the earth is on a hoist
all are out of choice

Monday, September 12, 2011

That be it
Mark where to dig a pit
Or do we drill it
Which is fast
The crowd beckons
Shouting at your last light
Shovels and arms up
Readying to have a go
Just the feel of your sendoff
To switch off your candle
Sign you off to the folks
Cause eventually, Gadhafi s gone
The feel of your sendoff
To switch off your candle
Sign you off to your folks
Cause eventually, Gadhafi s gone.

Monday, July 11, 2011

so Who Were You

With ua wads i craved u,
now ua actions grave me.

With ua thoughts i picture u,
now ua images disfigure me.

With ua promises i desired u,
now they r broken am so!

With ua dreams i saw a soulmate,
now from ua silence am all WHAT!

With ua messages a reality u wa,
now u r cold a world freezed up.

Just 2 ask.


DID I.......? U KNOW.............

Did i scare u,
with th thunderous stamps,
in th path to your heart,
but i knocked,
enough times i believe,
n u welcomed me,
or so gestures showed.

Did i amaze u,
with th long strides,
while i approached your life,
2 hold hands,
but you seemed at ease,
or so with th twirl of ua fingers in my hand,
pumpin confidence 2 draw my future,
right infront u as th background.

Did i spoil ua appetite,
with my gluttonous concern into ua tym,
to be a beta friend,
but i asked in every call,
seekin approval at evry second,
but you seemed 2 agree,
or so it seemed,
in th tone of ua voice,
th giggles tht met my concern,
leavin me heavily burdened,
with hope n faith,
a beautiful couple i pictured we were.

Did i worry you,
wit th excitement in my voice,
or my jeering desire to be with you,
but you stated ua enthusiasm,
a need 2 b stable,
or so it seemed,
with every word uttered,
makin me confidently proud,
of a new found belonging,
a sense for so long i had longed.

Now tel me,
what was it?


Gv evn wat i dint hv,

without evn d smel of comtment.

Trust a voice,

without evn a hint of mutual desire.

Believ in a tone,

without evn a taste of shared longing.

Bet my all,

without evn a sign of reciprocation.

All in th name of lo...,

i will wait to be your core

since you stopped this talk
sent me back to this lonely walk
drew th line of separation in chalk
wish i could feel helpless or in a lock

with your words my soul you chimed
your tongue my soul you rhymed
a tinder making me feel dimed
only to leave my eyes so limed

wait a bit, my ear heard last
my heart beats in eager so fast
2 my soul,keep a promise is a must
but its been too long off i feel cast

been bending to yo a burden i am
my thoughts to you a chatter of monkey-mum
so its your style to say it in mum!
but th last word you'll say whether you cram

one time have i caused your soul war?
too long i've been knocking your door
three much you played me to a sore
all in the wait to be your core


in humility i seek your face
in piety to know my fate
so please slow your pace
these feelings are not in a race

am on my knees so u see
just squat as so to pee
lets share to know who is we
from these then wd can be

am in pain just to say
in the rain, is this the say
still in th belief that thea's a may
as i seek your heart everyday

am out of saliva, so is time
my heart is dashing like am in a mine
am perturbed and out of rhyme
just hear me, my heart will shine

this love here,so deep and kind
this wish here,so naive in mind
yet your face thea,so rich and dined
all ask for is TO BE YOUR LAST FIND

lasT nighT

I slept a happy man
i lived in th coke can
a man so jolly
so proud of my folly

i vowed not to fall again
had had heart full of pain
but your chuckle on that end
a flesh soul you tend

had lost faith, oh so
had sunk to deep
awash are my sorrows
and sadness it follows
u did it in solos

i found it in you
a new reason not to screw
a passion to view
my life's so new

because i believe
in this feeling we seek to weave
as i float like a leave
in your heart i wish to live

in trust i beckon
a call to life they'll reckon
let it be fat as bacon
st stand out as an icon

all this because i have loved again
may th Lords be with us, D!


I was whole
i was a soul
am now in clutters
you had me shuttered

i was a mole
i never cared though
i gave you my all
you gave me a sore

i was a toad
had my life's so broad
your intent so shrewd
my mind you screwed

i was pumped with hope
my patience could cope
my thoughts you pawn
in pain i shone

in torment i curl
in disgust you purr
with smiles you plan
how i not be of your clan

in thoughts i shrink
my eyes could not wink
my hopes you drain
to destinyless train

this prior to your coming
my life had no cumming
I was full of joy
had all lots of coy

thE uglY onE! yoU

you th ugly one
despised for your complexion
in th preference of th fairer
yet deep below th colour
deeply runs your womanhood

you the ugly one
pushed to th trenches by th chooser
for th one who pleases th eye
yet far within th attraction
far within is your woman's touch

you the ugly one
hushed by the tones of th village divas
in th run for th village moran
yet high above th vocal pitch
high is th respect you've for man

you th ugly one
trampled in th mud of figure
in th pursuit of perfect curvature
yet beyond th roundness your bum
your thighs round my life

you th ugly one
i set to discover you
unearth th beauty of your soul
yet i find myself blind
from th love you hold deep within

you th ugly one
exhausted by th beautiful ones i pant for you
a beacon of trust you light in me


i did it again
opened my heart
for a vulture to prey
tear it into shreds
of regret and hurt

i did it again
let in an embezzler of trust
to rest in my thoughts
of belief in faithfulnes

i did it again
admired an unquenchable desirer
to dim my vision
of affection beyond body

i did it again
shared my soul with an Eve
oh so holy under a wig
of pretence and jokes

i did it again
i rushed into a couplenes
to be crashed with shame
more ridicule to my intentions

i did it again
i loved with my heart
got lost in this gameOOPS, I DID IT AGAIN.

My Life Be Short

Life is short
And dreams so many
Raiding our life0With rungus of expectation
Machets of responsibility
Unknown to us
That thoughts don't build

Actions lead to trials
The hefty price of reason
An expense on short breath
Then we are in bondage
The fear we hid from
Engulfs us in
Encroaches on to our happiness
Choke th smile in our heart
"Just for this once"
Th soul cries out
In anguish so scared
At th beckoning future
That shines with burdening rays
Of life unforgiving
And heights unscaleable
Of expectations and duties
With eyes right through you
Piercing with desire
Just there staring in query
"Fulfill our you promise"
A better life thy enquire
In shameless hands
And empty tongues
They seek in to your pockets
Though emptied by this world
And a lover to please

What s next for t Kenyan


This anger in me,
Seconds of my life,
It hs written off.

This pain in me,
Pounds of my flesh,
It has chiseled me.

This blurrness in me,
next steps of my life,
All wiped off.

This blindness in me,
In the belief me an emotion,
My now youth,
Clamped down to halt.

This anguish in me,
Thats makes me treble,
With energy to blink,
And desire to be found worth,
In eyes so cruel.

So, whats next?


there are clouds
right above her scalp
hanging this low
as to freeze her sense

th bright have fled
to the east and west
oh th green pastures they seek
a desert they leave her

the eagles come flying
with banners of aid and funding
veils of heavy shackles
that burden even the unborn

with no one to turn to
she eats her own
just to keep up the zeal
devoured by their rejection

but she holds a foetus
alive and bouncing
awaiting a midwife call
to arouse all around her

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who Shaved My Crotch(Tribute to Mau Forest)

yes am bald
its all gone
oh how comes
i never heard th slashing
nor a powersaw's drive
cutting all my bush

my future is all bare
for all to ridicule
on th goosebums now left
th stumps of fickles
now staring at us all
almost poking at us all

but now i remember
sliding down in there
pricking one by one
th bush i was blessed with
ouch OUCH ouch ouch
i kept calling out
yet i slid back
and came back with a handful

but alas
i cant wait for th stumps
i cut even thier shoots
pruning every chance i get
unaware of th hungry eyes
of my progeny standing aside
what am i teaching them

now my private canopy is gone
am all exposed to th ozone
my future is all frail
dead and drained
no life will ever flow
or wallow from this pink tributes
filled with gusto and zeal

you also are to blame
for you partook my harvest
from it you found warmth
clothed your offsprings
whea they got thier knowledge

yes MAU forest is gone
th source of all east african life
we all did

miss Anopheles

One night

Wrapped in your warm embrace

With nothing but de skin for a blanket

Listening to your hot breatnhs

As they whizz my ear robes

Your hard ni_ _ps piercing my chest

Our hearts competing to shutter th ribs

Feel your thighs restin on mine

Hour torso heaving slowly yet steadily

Fingers running down the spine

Palm pressing the goosebums

Letting the steamy scratchrun down to th ( , )

In just one night

by Miss Anopheles

Who Were You

With ua wads i craved u,
now ua actions grave me.

With ua thoughts i picture u,
now ua images disfigure me.

With ua promises i desired u,
now they r broken am so!

With ua dreams i saw a soulmate,
now from ua silence am all WHAT!

With ua messages a reality u wa,
now u r cold a world freezed up.

Just 2 ask.